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Martin From Radicalbody

Hi There,

Thank you for visiting my site I hope that you are having a pleasant stay here and are getting the answers you are looking for.

I also hope that my site is fast enough to accommodate you so you are having a good experience here.

I am Martin Christensen, yes it is me on the picture, and I am the owner of I got certified as a personal trainer back in 2006 at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and since then I have helped hundreds of people getting in shape, improve their health, building lean muscles, and to lose weight!

Before I started I was working with one on one coaching and personal training. It was nice to be able to work with people, get them to know, and be able to dig deeper into their health issues.

The Purpose

However, as a trainer, I reached a certain point, where I felt I had to spread the health message to a wider audience, instead of only to one person at a time. So I started Radical Body, as a news and review site promoting health and weight loss.

The purpose is to give advice and tips on how you can lose weight using the Keto diet, and in general, improve health, and build lean muscles. It is also a review site where we review all sorts of products that may benefit your health.

The Mission

One very important thing I learned from my one on one coaching was that, just as with so many other things in life, fitness and health can also become an addiction. It is not healthy to constantly be focusing on how many calories you are eating. It is not healthy to spend 20 hours in the gym weekly either.

The mission of is to spread the “Get Healthy” message, without turning it into an obsession, or just a new addiction instead of food. It is important that you learn to implement a healthy fitness lifestyle that fits into who you are, your working and family life without becoming an obsessed fitness monster.

The Balance

It is all about balance, it is about enjoying your life, having that snack or glass of wine when you feel like it. But be able to do it without going overboard. It is also about having calculated periods in your life, where you pay a little extra attention to your health. Dropping the extra so it will benefit you as the person you are.

The Product Reviews

Yes, there are products being promoted on, and you will find banners too.

If you like a product and click on its link, you will be taken to the website or sales page of the product, and will no longer be on

If you decide to buy or sign up for a trial of the product, it is the merchant of the product you will be dealing with. The merchant company will store your information and deliver the product to you.

If you have any questions or issues, you must direct them to the merchant because they will be able to help you better and they are responsible for their own products.

RadicalBody.Com Does Not Sell Any Products

All products you are finding on RadicalBody will be handled and delivered 3rd party. do not sell any products our selves.

However, I may or may not receive an affiliate commission for the transaction if you decide to buy or sign up for a trial product.

Keep in mind, that affiliate commission will have nothing to do with the price you pay or future purchase of the product.

Remember To Check The Products Terms and Conditions

Before buying or signing up for a trial, it is highly recommended that you check the products terms and condition. You can do that from the products sales page or check out page.

The terms and condition page of Radical Body is for this site only, and not any of the products we are reviewing.

Contact Information is stored in a secure server located in the United States. So you should not have any issues visiting my site.

I am from Nothern Europe but currently live in Mexico. Mainly because of a warmer and less rainy climate.

Thank You

Martin Christensen

Calle Delfin 37, Cluster 3, La Cima Residential

Cabo San Lucas


I live in Mexico mainly because of the nice weather

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