The Official HCG Diet Plan – The Diet Plan to Turn to When Your Weight Loss Is Failing

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The Official HCG Diet Plan is the weight loss diet to turn into when everything else has failed.

It is also the diet to use if you want to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest period.

For many years this diet has only been available through doctors and other healthcare practitioners, due to the frequent use of injections and monitoring needed.

HCG Triumph Diet and Droplets

However, those days are over, because now everyone can get started with the Official HCG Diet Plan diet thanks to the use of HCG Droplets instead of injections.

So, if you have been wanting to use this diet for a while but are scared of needles, now is the time to get started.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at precisely what Official HCG Diet Plan is about, and why you should consider using this weight loss diet protocol.

Benefits Using Official HCG Diet Plan and Drops

So what benefits can you expect from using the HCG Diet plan drops? Let’s have a closer look at some of the significant benefits

  • A rapid weight loss, get ready in as little as 26 days, instead of 4 months
  • Make your body switch from burning Carbohydrates to Body Fat
  • Lose up to one pound daily
  • You can use droplets instead of injections
  • Reset your metabolism, a fresh start after your diet
  • Comes with a maintenance phase that will ensure you will not fall back to old eating habits
  • You will stay healthy during your diet
  • No needles or injections necessary

What is the Official HCG Diet Plan?

The Official HCG Diet Plan is a complete weight loss package that includes HCG droplets and guidance that provides for diet and food plans. You will need advice on how to eat and how you can maintain the Triumph HCG Diet plan safe and highly effective.

With The Official HCG Diet Plan, you are going to get genuine HCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Here they are served as droplets you just put on your tongue three times daily. It is to use and manage.

Because the HCG diet is worthless without eating the right food in the right number of calories, you are also going to get a food list, meal plan, and further guidance on how to eat.

It is just as important to follow the HCG diet as it is to take the droplets.

The Story Behind the HCG Protocol

DR. Albert Someone, the father of HCG, was a British endocrinologist who was researching obesity back in the fifties.

He was experimenting with HCG on obese patients and discovered that HCG could make your body switch from burning carbohydrates and glucose from your diet to burn pure fat coming from your body.

At the same time, the obese patient would experience a significant drop in appetite, making it possible to consume only 500 calories daily, without feeling any hunger or food cravings. At this point, there are no reasons why your brain should release any hunger hormones because you are getting your calorie requirements covered by your body fat.

The HCG diet protocol was so effective among some of his patients that they were able to lose as much as one pound of body fat daily. It was without feeling sick and without side effects.

Later in 1967, Dr. Simeons published his book “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity,” which is a best seller and the foundation of the HCG Diet Plan as we know it today.

How The Official HCG Diet Plan Will Make You Lose Weight

See Heathers before and after picture

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Usually, when you go on a diet, it is all about sticking to it the best way as possible. Either you get a bottle of weight loss capsules, you have to remember to take, or you have followed a specific meal plan.

With the Official HCG Diet Plan weight loss diet, it is going to be different. Here you are getting a diet that consists of three distinct phases, each with a specific and decisive goal in mind. All three steps are essential to your success, so don’t skip any of them.

The Official HCG Diet Plan Loading Phase

This phase you are going to love! Here it is all about eating as much as possible of your favorite and unhealthy foods. Whether it is steaks, ice cream, fried chicken, or fatty cheese, it doesn’t matter, eat whatever you want.

Stick to this phase for 2 or 3 days and make sure to make it as fat and high carb as possible and enjoy every second of it. However, you can leave out junk food if and stick to healthy foods, but make sure to eat a lot of it.

Why is The Loading Phase Important to Your HCG Diet Success?

I can understand if you don’t want to do this phase. It can become greasy, and the last thing you want to do is to fill your body with crap. Especially now when you are getting ready to lose weight.

However, the loading phase is crucial to your success. First, it will give your metabolism a spike that will make you burn more calories the first couple of days in your Phase 2.

Second, this metabolism boost is to make sure that your hypothalamus can take up the HCG drops optimal for your weight loss.

Third, with the loading phase, you are preparing your body to use its fat storage as the primary source of fuel.

If you were to leave out the loading phase, you could not be sure that the Official HCG Diet Plan droplets will work efficiently enough to promote weight loss.

Remember, if you have experienced a weight gain in this phase, you can rest assured you will get rid of it, soon.

The Official HCG Diet Plan the Diet Phase Itself

It is time to get down to business! You have said goodbye to your ice-creams, your greasy food, and all the high carbs; you were having in the loading phase.

Now, you start taking your HCG droplets and getting down to a 500-calorie daily food intake. No worry, the HCG droplets will suppress your appetite and make sure that your body is getting its daily calorie requirements covered by your body fat.

You must get a close as possible to the five hundred calories as possible. If you fail one day, don’t fall into despair, do it better the next.

You, Will, Receive a Complete Guide

Remember, the Official HCG Diet Plan comes with a complete HCG guide, including meal plans and a list of approved foods to eat. It will teach you how to eat and what to look out for using the HCG diet.

How Does a 500 Calorie Diet Looks Like?

Let’s see an example of how your 500 calorie HCG diet can look like


Just stick to coffee or tea, as much as you want. If you want it sweetened, you can use Stevia instead of using it. When it comes to milk, you can only use one tablespoon daily.


Your lunch must consist of 4 different elements that will provide you with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals


Get 100 grams of your preferred source of meat, whether it is beef, chicken, or fish. Make sure to cut away all visible fat before you cook it, either grilled or boiled.

Salmon and other fatty fish are not a clever idea.


Usually, vegetables are not that high in calories so that you can have a reasonable portion size. Choose from green salad, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, cabbage, asparagus, spinach, or similar.


Get either some Wasa bread, Melba toast, or an Italian breadstick


You can either get an apple, an orange, a half grapefruit, or a couple of strawberries to sweeten up your day.


When it comes to dinner, you use the same type of food with your lunch. Just make sure you won’t get the same meat. It is also a clever idea to switch between vegetables, fruits, and bread.

Does it sound hard? Keep in mind that the Official HCG Diet Plan droplets make sure you are not hungry and that your meals are enough to keep you satisfied.

Remember you can drink as much water as you want and at least 2 liters daily.

Also remember, you must do it in either 26 or 40 days. You can be proud of yourself when you have done it.

The Maintenance Phase

Jose Before and After Doing the HCG Triumph Diet

Usually, you are left to yourself after completing your diet, but not with this one.

The Official HCG Diet Plan is one of the only foods that are offering you a maintenance phase, and it essential that you complete your maintenance phase. It will help you to avoid gaining all the weight back on again.

The maintenance phase takes four weeks, and it is about bringing you into a regular healthy eating pattern. It is about getting you used to consume your required daily calories without falling back into old eating habits. With the Official HCG Diet Plan maintenance phase, you will simply learn to eat correctly.

The Weeks of the Maintenance Phase

Week 1.

In the first week, you gradually increase your calorie intake from 500 to between 700 and 900 calories.

It is not the time for experimenting so stick to the food Official HCG Diet Plan recommends you eat under their guidance. Make sure to add only adding some new fruits or vegetables.

Week 2.

Here, in the second week, you increase your calorie intake to between 1000 and 1100. Make sure to monitor your weight, and in case it goes up, you remove some of the food you are going to add.

Try to add some turkey, perhaps pork if you like. Also, get some no-sugar yogurt and some white cheese.

Week 3.

Now it is getting easier! You can use consumer between 1200 and 1300 calories and increase your selection of meat. If you have been missing out on Salman or sausage now is the time to have it.

Also, if you like milk in your coffee, you can get that too.

Week 4.

The Official HCG Diet Plan will give you a list of foods you can have during your HCG Diet, including in phase 3 and the different weeks. Here in week four, you can eat 1300-1500 calories and have all the food on that list.

When you have reached this point, you should no longer gain weight, due to a drained-out body.

How an Official HCG Diet Plan Diet Meal Can Look like in Phase 4 Week 4

Instead of only having three meals daily, you are now getting six meals and snacks spread out during the day.


Get some egg whites and make an omelet with some Swiss cheese and spinach.

Have your tea or coffee

Early Day Snack

Get celery with some peanut butter. Easy to get and digest.


Get some grilled chicken, with vegetables and a green salad. You are now allowed to use light Italian dressing.

Afternoon Snack:

Get a little yogurt with some berries


Fish like Salmon and grilled or steamed vegetables like Broccoli.

Evening Snack:

Get some almonds with a little string cheese

What’s Next?

See what HCG Triumph did to Jessica!

A big congratulations you have made it.

If you haven’t reached your weight loss goal yet and still have a couple of pounds to lose, it is recommended to take a 30-day break. After that, you can repeat the cycle.

If you are happy with your results, we recommend you check your scale weekly to monitor your weight.

It is essential that your weight stays the same and doesn’t fluctuate too much. If it goes up one or two pounds, then do a steak diet for two days where you eat nothing else than steaks. It can be red meat, fish, or chicken, but nothing else.

Doing that will get your weight down again to your desired goal.

Injections Versus Droplets What is Best?

HCG injections are indeed more effective than using HCG droplets because they only pass by your liver once and not twice. But keep in mind injections are taking once and droplets three times daily.

It means you will have a great chance to compensate for some of that lost “juice” that your liver will get rid of.

Using the Official HCG Diet Plan droplets is way more convenient, than either injecting yourself daily, or going to a doctor’s office and let her do it.

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The Official HCG Diet Plan Ingredients

A lot has happened since the days where Dr. Simeon invented the HCG Diet. It is why a couple of tweaks have been added to the Official HCG Diet Plan to make it even more powerful and safer to use.

HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

The main ingredient, and with the Official HCG Diet Plan you are going to get the real stuff. It is the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.


Arginine is an amino acid that generates nitric oxide in your body that will expand your blood vessels for better blood flow. You will get better transportation of vital nutrients for your organization. It will help you to maintain muscle mass and maintain metabolism.


Here is an ingredient that will stimulate energy highly appreciated at the beginning of your diet where you are transitioning from burning carbohydrates to body fat. It is a process that will cause tiredness and fatigue.  L-Carnitine will energize your body and make that process easier.


With this ingredient, you are going to feel rejuvenated when finishing your HCG diet. It is almost like a complete body reset, a new beginning. L-Ornithistimulatesate and produce a Human Growth Hormone that will ensure renewal of your body’s cellular structures.

Other Ingredients added

In the Official HCG Diet Plan, you will also find the following ingredients: Glycine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Phosphorus, Calcarea Carbonica, and Ammonium Carbonicum. All are added to make your HCG weight loss diet a better and smoother experience.

What is HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

HCG is a hormone that exists naturally in both men and women.

Among women, HCG is a pregnancy hormone that is being produced at higher levels during pregnancy. It is the hormone that ensures that the unborn child is getting the nutrients it needs to grow and get stronger from its mother.

In men, HCG acts like a luteinizing hormone whose responsibility is to signal to men testicles that it is time to produce testosterone. It is particularly beneficial when muscle builders have been using steroids and wanted to kick-start their testosterone production.

The Official HCG Diet Plan ensures that no harm was done to any man or woman. HCG is like any other; other hormones produced synthetically. But it is precisely the same as authentic.

How to Take the Official HCG Diet Plan Droplets

To get the wanted results, you must take your 8-10 droplets three times daily. Around breakfast, lunch, and dinners are the best suitable times. Make sure not to drink anything 15 minutes before and after you take your droplets.

For best results, just let them drop right under your tongue. From here they will absorb into your bloodstream within five minutes and start taking effect.

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The Official HCG Diet Plan Review Summary

There is no doubt that the Official HCG Diet Plan will give you some good weight loss results. However, eating 500 calories will make you lose weight, no matter what. But the HCG diet droplets will make the difference and make it easier to stay that low for a more extended period without getting hungry.

According to the Official HCG Diet Plan, their HCG Drops should be genuine so you can expect some good results.

What is important to say is that the Official HCG Diet Plan is not set up and forget the diet; it is not about remembering to swallow your capsules in the morning. It is a diet that will take up a lot of time and thoughts during the day.

What is particularly unique about this diet is the maintenance phase; it is something all other diets are lacking. With the maintenance phase, it is going to be a lot easier not to gain all the weight back on again.

Before getting started with the Official HCG Diet Plan, I highly recommend you talk to your doctor and get clearance from her.

The Official HCG Diet Plan Verdict
HCG Triumph Diet and Droplets

Product Name: The Official HCG Diet

Product Description: The diet to turn to when everything has failed! HCG diet drops can be an effective way to lose weight! But it does take some discipline to follow the diet.

Offer price: 59

Currency: USD

Availability: LimitedAvailability

  • Overall - 8/10
  • Effectiveness - 9.5/10
  • Raise Energy Levels - 6/10
  • Suppress Appetite - 9/10
  • Burn Body Fat - 9/10
  • Easy to Use - 6/10
  • Safety - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10


Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons from using the Official HCG Diet Plan.


  • The HCG Diet is very effective
  • Made in an FDA approved Lab
  • Genuine HCG
  • Include meal plans
  • Includes a maintenance phase


  • No evaluation from the FDA
  • It will take a lot of your time
  • Not an easy diet to follow

How to Buy the Official HCG Diet Plan?

If you want to buy the Official HCG Diet Plan drops, you will have a couple of packages to choose from. You can either get the 26- or 40-days HCG Triumph diet.

If you are not so happy about hormones, then there are hormone-free versions, of the 26- and 40-days the Official HCG Diet Plan as well.

The Official HCG Diet Plan Coupon Code or Discounts?

When it comes to getting discounts and coupon codes, you have two options when buying. You can either use “HCGPOWER” at checkout, or you can buy one and get one free at the following link.

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