10 Effective Hacks To Stop Sugar Cravings

Last updated on June 4th, 2021 at 08:07 pm

10 Hacks To Stop Sugar Cravings

Do you want to stop sugar cravings? These temptations you are struggling with daily for not having a piece of candy, a soda, or similar?

You already know that sugar, sodas, and sweets are not the best food items to consume. But even if you are aware of it, it can still be difficult to curb those cravings. But work on it because solving this issue can turn your weight loss diet into a success.

However, we have a solution for you, and we are going to help you! We will give you 10 effective hacks you can use to stop sugar cravings. We know that you are already dealing with many issues regarding portion control, limiting your sugar intake. So, we will give you ten hacks that are easy to implement in your diet so you, too, can stop your sugar cravings.

Let’s start with one of the easiest first.

Get One or Two Pieces of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate excellent to stop sugar cravings

I am not talking about Hershey’s or Snickers Bars, but the dark chocolate that you buy in plates. When buying, make sure that at least 80% of the content is dark chocolate. The taste is dense, with no traces of sugar.

Often two pieces are enough to give you a filling effect so you will stop sugar cravings.

Dark Chocolate, authentic, carries many benefits that can help you avoid depressions and lose weight.


Berries, not as much sugar as you may think

Berries are great; some of them, like Blueberries, are among the world’s superfoods, carrying a lot of benefits such as fiber-rich and powerful antioxidants. But everything from Raspberries to Strawberries will give you a lot of benefits.

One cup of berries only contains 5 grams of sugar which is like one teaspoon. Because they are fiber-rich, they will allow a slow release of natural sugars.

What I like to do when it comes to berries is to have a smoothie in the morning with one cup of berries, a banana, and some Greek yogurt. Having that helps me to stop my sugar cravings for the rest of the day. It is like getting an award for waking in the morning.


Almonds is a great way to take away cravings for sugar

These nuts are good and carry a lot of good nutrients that will benefit your health a lot. They are also great as the snack you can have in your pocket, you when are busy and on the run.

The flavor is not as strong as dark chocolate, but Almonds will also give you that filling effects, like the chocolate.

Get Some Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Organic Tomatoes

I love organic cherry tomatoes and could snack on them all day. They have a strong flavor of real tomatoes and not that watery taste where you can barely sense the taste of tomato.

It may sound strange, but getting a couple of cherry tomatoes to chew on helps me curb and stop sugar cravings.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt better than regular yogurt

It would help if you replaced all your yogurts with Greek yogurts, or at least the sugar-free ones. Yogurt is loaded with sugar and will spike your blood sugar levels in a wrong way.

One reason you are craving sugar in the first place might be because you have an imbalance of microbes in your gut. Microbes are bacteria, and just like you, they can become addicted to sugar.

So instead of keeping your gut balanced and clean, they start to crave sugars causing you to want well.

Greek yogurt carries active probiotics that will restore balance in your gut and take away these sugar cravings. At the same, it is a yogurt that is rich in proteins so you will have plenty of nutrients until your next meal.

Have A Meal Every Three Hours

Make sure to eat every three hours

Eating frequently helps you to keep y blood sugar levels so they will not drop so that you will crave sweets. Aim to have a meal every three hours, starting with your breakfast. These meals should three main meals and 2 or 3 snacks in between.

Make sure to make your meals smaller than you are used to. The objective is not you make you feel too full but satisfied.

Protein Shakes

Whey Protein to stop sugar cravings

Get a daily protein shake after your workouts or before bedtime can be a wonderful way to curb your sugar cravings and to avoid unhealthy food. A good whey protein typically gives you twenty-five grams of proteins and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Whey proteins come in a wide variety of flavors, like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Often the characteristics of those are enough to stop your cravings.

If you are on a diet, you can mix them with water, else use skimmed milk.

Be aware that many protein shakes do come with artificial sweeteners.

Go To the Gym

Go to the gym

A routine where you visit the gym daily can also help you to avoid sugar cravings.

Here I recommend you do it in the mornings or during your lunch break. It will make you more accountable for what you are eating the rest of the day.

You can work out in the evening, but your cravings for sweets will be stronger during the day.


Meditate to stop sugar cravings

When you have spent 45 minutes to an hour in the gym, you can, with great benefits, spend 10 – 20 minutes on meditation.

Focus on gratitude in your meditation and be thankful for all good things in your life.

Those 20 minutes of meditation will make you become more aware of what you are eating during the day. It will help you to avoid the dangers of emotional eating and sugar cravings.

Install A Mirror Where You Spend a Lot of Your Time

Look in the mirror while eating

No one wants to watch themselves eating, especially not when it is about satisfying their sugar cravings. So, seeing yourself in the mirror while having a piece of candy, is not something you subconsciously want.

A wonderful way to curb your cravings is to install a mirror, so your constant can keep an eye on yourself.

You can have it at work, in your kitchen, or living room, places where you often are satisfying your sugar cravings.

Have A Piece of Cheat Candy Daily?

Have a piece of cheat candy

Finally, a bonus tip to stop sugar cravings! Plan to have one piece of candy daily! I recommend you have it in the late afternoon, where your blood sugar levels are low and tired.

When you are using a reward system for yourself, all your focus will be the reward you are about to get in the future. It will limit the constant thoughts of sugar that often come every minute when the cravings are at their highest.

Stop Sugar Cravings Before It Is Too Late

A piece of candy here and there, or a soda, or what that matters, sugar in your coffee is not going to ruin your weight loss diet. But to make sure that sugar is not becoming an addiction, it is highly recommended that you do things that can stop sugar cravings. It will be better for your health and your diet.

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