6 Issues That Will Make You Gain Weight While Dieting and How to Solve Them

Last updated on September 26th, 2019 at 02:37 am

So you have finally started your weight loss diet and are looking forward to getting rid of pounds of body fat, and become the new you?

There is just one problem that is bothering you! Currently, you are gaining weight on your diet instead of losing weight!6 issues that will make you gain weight while you are on a diet

Does this sound like you? If yes, then I suggest you spend the next couple of minutes reading our 6 issues that will make you gain weight while dieting. Because here you are going to learn some tweaks that finally can get you started to lose weight.

I know exactly how you feel! It is so hard to realize that you are gaining weight now when you finally have decided to go on a diet to lose weight. It is the last thing you want to happen when you are putting so much work into your diet.

First, I have to tell you that at this stage of your diet, it is often normal to gain weight. It is something that you can fix with a few changes and a couple of tweaks.

Your Body is Holding On To Water

One of the most common reasons why you are gaining weight instead of losing it is that your body is holding on the water fluids you are drinking. It is a process that often happens if your salt and potassium intake are too high or you have started exercising.

How to Fix It

There are a couple of things you can do to get rid of the water your body is holding on. First, lower your salt and potassium intake.

First, reduce your salt and potassium intake, you can even leave it out for a period if you can live with flavorless food. Both ingredients bind water in the body making it difficult for your body to get rid of it.

Second, saunas on a regular basis can also help you get rid of the water your body is holding on too. In a sauna, you will sweat out all the toxins that bind the water to your body.

I know it may sound disgusting for some people! But if you try to taste your own sweat, it is likely to taste kind of salty. Keep using a sauna until your sweat taste of pure water. Congratulations! You have been cleaned out of toxins.

You Have Just Started to Workout

Here is something a lot of fitness professionals are not telling you! Often when you get started to work out, you are going to gain and not lose weight in the beginning. But no worry, it is not a weight gain based on body fat, it is gain

But no worry, it is not because of body fat, but because you are building lean muscles. In the start of your diet, this weight gain will be higher, not only because of more muscles but also because glycogen and fluids are being pumped out to your muscles.

How to Fix This

First, working out and push yourself.

Don’t go on the scale for the first two months, because it will lower your motivation. Instead, measure your waistline and body fat. Those are the real numbers you can trust when dieting.

Remember, glycogen is not a bad thing, it will boost and energize your workouts.

You Are Eating Healthy But Over-Eating

It is a common problem falling into the belief that you can eat a lot of healthy food without gaining weight. Remember, a calorie is still a calorie no matter where it comes from.

It is important to stress out that healthy food is easier to metabolize and will benefit your body better. So if you are gaining weight because you are over-eating healthy food, it is way easier to solve compared to over-eating processed and unhealthy food.

Avoid Over Eating

How to Solve This

Get started with a diet journal and calorie counter like MyFitnessPal. Here you can keep track of everything you are eating and what you are doing, and you can do all this for free.

You have Poor Digestion

A slow bowel movement, bloating, and constipation is all issues that can make you gain weight. You are just storing more waste products and toxins in your colon causing you to gain weight.

To Solve This

The first step is to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. If this is not working, you can consider using probiotics that have the ability to improve your digestion and by adding a set of bacteria.

You have More Fiber-Rich Food

Let’s first point out that fibers are excellent for you so don’t leave them out. Fibers make you feel full and satisfied, and they can also suppress your appetite. Fibers are also a great benefit to your health.

But if you are just starting out eating fibers they will likely cause a weight gain because they will bind to fluids inside your body.

Fibers may also cause some bloating and constipation in the beginning and may make your stomach stick out quite a bit.

Solving This

It is important you don’t stop eating fibers because they are good for you. However, increase your intake gradually, and that way avoid these issues and the weight gain.

Weight Loss Supplements That Makes You Gain Weight

Just as exercising can increase your glycogen levels, the same can some weight loss supplements like pure Garcinia cambogia, Phen 24, and the PhenQ weight loss supplement. So, don’t expect to lose a lot of weight overnight using these supplements. Count on at least 14 days before your glycogen levels will normalize and your weight will go down.

Fixing This Issue

You cannot be 100% sure that your weight will go up due to higher levels of glycogen. The best you can do is just to live it out and look forward to after the first two weeks. Here you should start to see your weight drop if you are maintaining a healthy diet as well.

Please, do keep in mind, that even if your glycogen levels increases and your weight goes up, you will still be losing body fat, which is what you want.

Important to Know

If you are gaining weight on your weight loss diet, the above 6 issues that will make you gain weight while dieting is a good place to start.

If the above solutions are not working, there might be some more serious issues preventing you from losing weight. It can be issues like hypothyroidism, depression, or wrong medication. In that case, it is a good idea to have a talk with a doctor.

Especially when it comes to hypothyroidism which is your thyroid function being less active causing a lot of your bodily functions, including your metabolism to slow down.

Finally On 6 Issues That Will Make You gain Weight

First, remember not to be too focused on jumping on the scale all the time, it will mess up your head and your diet. Just let your diet develop and enjoy the ride.

Gaining a little weight in the first phase of your diet and is quite normal. Don’t let that distract you or ruin your motivation. Soon you will be well on your way reaching your fitness goals.