How To Become Successful with the Keto Diet If You Just Love Carbs!

Last updated on June 3rd, 2021 at 12:15 am

How to become successful with the keto diet

There is no doubt about it! The Keto diet is one of the most popular weight-loss diets available. It delivers useful results on a faster scale than most other weight-loss diets out there.

But, there are a couple of downsides to the Keto diet! First, it can be quite challenging to manage, especially if you don’t have any experience using this type of diet. Second, it can be challenging to maintain a keto state if you are like me, a carb lover!

Pushing Your Body Into Keto State

For you to be able to lose weight using the Keto diet, it is essential that you “push” your body into a keto state. It is where your liver converts fat from your diet and body into ketones. These are possible for your body to use as calorie fuel.

To reach keto effectively enough, you must alter your diet, so you are consuming around 70% fat, 25% proteins, and only 5% carbohydrates. It is almost upside down of what you have been used to.

On paper, it may sound easy, but if you are a carb lover, having bread, rice or potatoes daily, it can be quite a hassle only to consume 5% carbohydrates. Primarily if you were used to having 65% carbohydrates, with some of them coming from sugars and sweets.

I Really Have To Tell You This

Not to destroy your motivation for losing weight or trying to tell you that you cannot make it? Because you can! But realistically, without being prepared, it means you will have good days and bad days while you are on your keto diet.

There will be days of victory where you will be able to maintain your nutrition ratio of 70% fat, 25% proteins, and 5% carbohydrates. But there will likely also be days where you will crave carbs so much that you go to have them in some form.

Those are the days where we end up cheating, having your fingers deep down in the cookie jar getting your sugar rush.

Keto Diet Vulnerable To Cheat Days

One significant disadvantage of using the keto diet is that it is very vulnerable to having bad days, those are the days where you cannot stay away from unhealthy carbs. Much more than most other diets, where you just move on the next day and forget about your carbohydrate feast you had the day before.

With the keto diet, it takes so little to push you out of keto state and stop losing weight. One cheat meal can be enough to make you stop losing weight, and you will have to start all over. To reach keto state again might take you days, enough to lower your weight loss motivation.

So the point is, if you want to lose weight using the keto diet, you must keep your body in keto state, else you all your attempt will be missed.

Sorry guys, there is no other way, other than keeping your carbohydrate intake to a minimum. It is the reality of the keto diet.

However, being able to do this and you will have a very powerful weight loss diet in your hands, that also will promote overall health.

So the big question is how you can do the keto diet if you love carbohydrates so much?

Making Your Keto State More Flexible And Easier To Reach

Not quite but close to how the keto food pyramid should look like

Of course, there is a solution to this problem, a solution where you as a carb lover also can enjoy the many benefits of using the keto diet.

Break Old Habits

To break old habits and make it easier for your body to reach and stay in a keto state, all you need is to get some BHB salts.

BHB stands for Beta-hydroxybutyrate and is one of three essential energy molecules your body creates when it is running on fat instead of glucose and carbs.

The Beta-hydroxybutyrate makes up to 78% of the total ketones in your blood and is, therefore, the most important.

The other two energy molecules are Acetoacetate (AcAc) which delivers 20% ketones and finally Acetone which is only 2%

When you are adding BHB salts to your Keto diet, you will make it easier to reach Keto state and make your stay there. You will no longer have to struggle too much cycling in and out of keto state.

Curb Your Cravings and Reduce Levels of Insulin and Blood Glucose

Another benefit of adding BHB salts to your keto diet is that they will help you to curb your cravings. It means you will be able to stop some of these carbohydrate and sugar cravings you are struggling with all day.

Because BHB salts are so useful in delivering ketones as calorie fuel, you will feel fewer needs for your fast-loading sugar rush in the afternoon at work.

Long-term, you will lower the risks of getting diseases such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity.

Other Benefits

Let’s take a quick overview of some of the other benefits you will get from using BHB salts and the keto diet.

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost your workout performance
  • Boost your fat loss (fight fat with fat)
  • Increase your insulin sensitivity and avoid issues like Diabetes 2
  • Improve your brain and cognitive function
  • Help to fight cancer
  • Increase your lifespan
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Curb your sugar cravings

Remember everything is about changing your habits. It may feel hard, in the beginning, to lower your carbohydrate intake to only 5%. But soon, one by one these benefits will start to kick in, and you will begin to feel that the sacrifice was worth it.

How to Get BHB Salts – KetoCharge

As a carb lover, the best option to get your BHB salts and make your keto diet a lot easier is to use a supplement like KetoCharge.

It is a keto weight loss supplement that will provide you with the best BHBs salts. You will get them in the right dosage ready to kick-start your ketones production.

Also, using this supplement will improve your ketone production and make it easier to stay in a keto state.

KetoCharge Diet will also help you to avoid cycling in and out of the keto state, making your diet more persistent. You will avoid having to start all over just because you had a lousy carb day.

When KetoCharge Diet first has boosted your ketones production, it will make it a lot easier to curb those cravings for carbohydrates and sweets.

KetoCharge Diet Benefits

  • Lose up to one lb of body fat per day
  • Make your stay in the keto state
  • Help you to avoid the keto flu
  • Make you burn fat faster than ever
  • Reduce your cravings for carbs
  • Make you burn body fat and not carbs
  • Will boost your levels of energy

Finally using a supplement like KetoCharge will make it easier and possible to maintain your keto nutrition rate of 70% fat, 25% proteins, and 5% carbohydrates.

You can learn a lot more about KetoCharge in the review we have made regarding this supplement. It will clear out some of the questions you might have regarding the KetoCharge and going ketosis.

How To Buy KetoCharge Diet

If you want to get started using KetoCharge Diet the best you can do is to buy KetoCharge directly from the manufacturer. Doing so will give you some great discounts when buying in bulk. And remember, buying directly means you will have better access to qualified customer support who are dealing with KetoCharge, all day long.

Remember, the price of one bottle of KetoCharge is USD 59.94 including free shipping. However, you can get significant savings and pay as little as USD 29.6o per bottle and still get free shipping.

To learn a lot more about KetoCharge and how to get started, click on the link below.

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