Forskolin 250 Review – Does It Work For Weight Loss?

Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 09:17 pm

Forskolin Review

Does Forskolin 250, also called Coleus Forskohlii really work for weight loss? It is what we are going to take a closer look at in this Forskolin review!

When you look around online, you will find some mixed reviews regarding the use of Forskolin to lose weight. Some people say it is the worse they have ever tried and did not promote any results at all.

Others, speaks highly of Forskolin for its effectiveness and a different approach to losing weight!

Dr. Oz praised Forskolin highly in one of his TV shows for being a supplement that triggers a cascade of reactions that causes fat cells to melt away; using the exact words from his show!

So who should we trust? All the naysayers telling it is the worse supplement ever or is there actually something about Forskolin that can make you lose weight?

Before We dig deeper on whether Forskolin can help you lose weight or not, let’s have a closer look at how Forskolin works, it is essential so we can get a clear view on what Forskolin is all about.

How Forskolin 250 Will Make You Lose Weight

Forskolin offers you a completely different way of losing weight compared to most other weight loss supplements.

Instead of promoting a weight loss from the outside, you are with Forskolin promoting a weight loss from the inside of your body.

With Forskolin, gone are the days where we swallow pills to raise our energy levels to promote an increase in calorie burn. Instead, we improve our body’s cells ability to use fat cells as pure energy, a process called Lipolysis.

Forskolin 250 Gives You 4 Different Functions

So how is it possible for Forskolin to help you lose weight? It all boils down to 4 different main functions this supplement carries.

Trigger Lipolysis

When Forskolin triggers Lipolysis to begin it will activate fat-burning enzymes like cAMP which stands for Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate. It is a messenger enzyme that will ensure that more body fat will be used as energy.

Burn More Stubborn Body Fat

When the cAMP enzyme is active, it will also ensure that body fat cannot be hidden on your body. It means it will be easier for you to get rid of fat on problem areas like hips, thighs, and buttock. These are areas where it is almost impossible to get rid of body fat for many people.

This process is possible thanks to Forskolins ability to break down adipose tissue.

Easier to Build Lean Muscles

People who like exercising and going to the gym will get significant benefits of using Forskolin. It is a compound that will promote muscle growth and help you to maintain muscle mass while being on a diet.

Maintaining muscle mass is an essential function when losing weight because muscles burn a lot of calories. Unfortunately, low-calorie diets usually burn muscle mass as well together with fatty tissue.

It is not good because your body’s calorie requirements decrease, meaning you will have to eat lesser and lesser not to gain weight.

Improve Testosterone Levels Among Men

Men who like to work out, build muscles and improve their endurance can benefit a lot from Forskolin. It can help you to raise your levels of free testosterone in your body.

Higher levels will promote muscle growth and weight loss.

Avoid a New Body Fat Build Up

One thing is getting rid of body fat; another thing is to make sure it doesn’t come back. There is nothing worse than seeing the body fat coming back after a couple of weeks.

Forskolin will ensure that your metabolism stays high during and after your diet. It will help you to ensure that the body fat doesn’t come back again.

Does Forskolin 250 Work For Weight Loss?

They way Forskolin can promote a weight loss seems like a pretty good deal! Mainly because it is not about raising your energy levels which can put pressure on your heart and give you sleepless nights, but about altering bodily functions.

Promoting a weight loss coming from inside your body is way better than promoting a weight loss from the outside.

But does it work for weight loss? Let’s take a closer look at some studies!

The Forskolin Kansas University Study

Before we entirely dump Forskolin for being a weight loss supplement, and a scam. You might want to take a closer look at this Forskolin study, performed by the University of Kansas.

They performed in 2005 a double-blind placebo-controlled study where 30 men with a BMI more than 26 kg/m participated in a test. Here  15 of them received 250 mg of 10% Forskolin extract twice a day for a 12-week period. The other 15 men received a placebo


The results of the Forskolin study showed significant changes in overall body composition among the men who had taken Forskolin. They were able to decrease their fat percentage and overall fat mass, compared to the placebo control group.

Also, their levels of free testosterone were significantly higher than when the study started.

So according to the Kansas University study, taking 250 mg of 10% Forskolin extract twice daily can make a difference and positively alter your body composition.

You can find a link to the study here.

What about The Women?

Exercise & Sports Nutrition Laboratory, at Baylor University in Waco, did a similar study where 23 obese women participated. Here they took the same amount of Forskolin as the men from the Kansas Study. 250 mg of 10% Forskolin extract was taken over a 12-week period.


The results of this study showed no significant changes of body composition. The fat percentage pretty much stayed the same among the women participating in the study.

However, the results did show that Forskolin may be able to slow down weight gain among obese women.

It means that Forskolin can function as damage control but not promote any significant weight loss for women who are obese.

You can see more about this study here.

Remember, if you are not quite sure but curious if it is going to work for you? Then remember, you can always get started with a free trial of forskolin! It is a great way to test it out without spending too much money.

Forskolin 250 Review – Good For Weight Loss?

If you believe that Forskolin will trigger a cascade of reactions in your body that will melt fat away, as they said in the DR. Oz Show, you are likely going to wait for a long time. One conclusion we can make in our Forskolin review is that forskolin is not a secret Hollywood diet.

Men and Forskolin 250

According to the two studies we described earlier in our Forskolin review, it seems that especially men who like to build lean muscles and strength will benefit the most from using Forskolin, due to its testosterone enhancing abilities.

I assume that women who are not obese and like to exercise can enjoy some of the same benefits as the men when it comes to promote a fat loss and gain muscles. Of course, women who are not afraid of slightly altered testosterone levels, which often is a No No among women.

Obese Women and Forskolin 250

So, what about using Forskolin if you are an overweight woman? If you believe in these studies, don’t expect any weight loss from using Forskolin!

However, if you want to do a weight loss diet later, but don’t want to gain more weight now, then Forskolin can become quite handy by giving you some “damage control” and stop your weight gain.

Let’s have a look at our overall Forskolin review verdict.

Forskolin 250 Review

Product Name: Forskolin 250

Product Description: Forskolin 250 is the supplement to turn to if you want to enjoy all the benefits from using Coleus Forskohlii to help you lose weight!

Offer price: As low as 22.5

Currency: USD

Availability: LimitedAvailability

  • Overall - 8/10
  • As a Fat Burner - 8/10
  • To Raise Energy Levels - 6/10
  • To Suppress Appetite - 6/10
  • Promote Weight Loss for Men - 8/10
  • Promote Weight Loss for Women - 6/10
  • Safety - 9/10

Forskolin Review Summary

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons you are getting using Forskolin 250


  • Probably the best Forskolin supplement on the market
  • Made by Bauer Nutrition
  • Comes with 250 mg and 20% extract per capsule
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Available worldwide


  • Only limited scientific proof that Forskolin works for weight loss
  • No evaluation from FDA

Forskolin 250 for Your Weight Loss Diet

Taking all the above into consideration from our Forskolin review, it is a supplement that still can give you some good benefits when losing weight.

However, to get the best results, we recommend you to use this supplement together with a healthy diet and an exercise routine.

Not All Forskolin Supplements Are Created Equal

Also, remember that not all Forskolin supplements are created equal. First and foremost the quality of your supplement is essential, the ingredients must be 100% pure and genuine.

Second, the dose and the size of the capsules must be correct as well. Currently, there are a couple of Forskolin supplement sizes on the market. One that comes with 125 mg and 10% Forskolin, another one with 250 mg and 10%, and then finally the King, 250 mg and 20% Forskolin extract, like the Forskolin250, which is the one we recommend you to use.

So remember, just because you see a great offer on Forskolin in your local market, does not mean it can help you lose weight. It is likely only a 125 mg 10% Forskolin extract version.

How to Buy Forskolin 250

If you want to buy Forskolin, I recommend you to go for Forskolin250. It is a bit stronger than the Forskolin used in the studies since it comes with 20% extract instead of 10%. But still 250 mg capsules, so you won’t have a hard time swallowing them.

Forskolin250 is 100% pure and a high-quality supplement made by Bauer Nutrition, so no fakes here, it is the real deal.

To learn more about Forskolin250 and how to buy click on the link below.

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How to Buy Forskolin250

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